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Default Re: White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Trump is a sinner like the rest of us but he consistently defends Christianity against the attacks and attempts at exclusion from the Left. After Leftist thugs set the church accross the street from the WH on fire Trump made a public show of support for them. Democrats shrieked about peaceful demonstrators/arsonists and the politicized church hierarchy attacked the President like dutiful Pharisees. Then again the Roman's didn't exactly welcome Paul.

Obama was schooled in black liberation theology at the feet of Reverend Wright. Political power is the object of adoration.
Seems to me both Trump and Obama are sinners like the rest of us.
Trump has done more outright to help traditionally Christian causes and Christians worldwide. I think a lot of that has to do with the influence of Pence.

Both Trump and Obama have made shows of Christianity. Both have stood in and in front of churches.
The right, Christian, and otherwise did in fact attack Obama steadily. Often denying his professed faith outright by regularly asserting that he was really a Muslim. Those that didn't go there, disparaged his relation to Rev Wright and his Church as you have. While giving Trump's LACK of any Church going and um...unchristian behavior past and present a wave of the hand.

It would be one thing is the main theme from Christian right about Obama had been something like.
He seems to be a theologically liberal Christian I pray he comes around. And add that many of his political policies are opposed to Christian ideals and Christian freedoms. So I can not support him politically.
And then even, Honestly admit that, Trump's personal life seems FAR from Christian in many ways, we'll pray for him. His political policies to closer to what Christianity promotes and is more supportive of religious freedom.
But it doesn't come across that way to anyone with no dog in the fight.
It looks like they wailed and moaned at Obama for things real and imagined (some prayed for his death) while literally ignoring all of Trump's problems for supposed political gain.

John the baptist was killed by King Herod for pointing out that it was sinful for him to marry his brothers wife. (Herod wasn't appointed to be pastor either BTW) I suspect neither John or Jesus would downplay Obama's or Trump's sins personal or political.
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