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Default Re: Why must some companies make price increases that are sneaky--not straightforward

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
But that's the point. Why would you assume that the only option is to buy the same product produced by the same manufacturer? And from the same store? That's never the case.

I live 2 miles from the nearest supermarket. Within a mile radius there 4 supermarkets, a Wal Mart, and a dollar store. I know I said next door. I figured you'd know what I meant.
Did you know that toilet paper sheet size has changed? Used to be 4.5". Now it's down to about 4".

You aren't going to find THAT data on the package.

I'd swear the weight of the individual sheets has changed also, even for two-ply, based on where you buy it. I buy TP at Wal-Mart normally, but when in need, same brand and ply, at Kroger. Different weight as in how thin the pulp was squeezed during processing, I guess.
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