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Default Re: Why Donít Americans Trust Experts Anymore?

Originally Posted by salt
Originally Posted by mr wonder
When we were told that eating real butter, coconut oil and a woman's breast milk are better for you than the scientifically approved margarine and "formula" they've been scientifically jamming down out throats for the past 40+ years.
etc etc etc
Those were commercials they were jamming down your throat. just like big corps dig up 'scientists' and politicians to tell people there's no global warming, big corp found 'proffessionals' to say a plastic experiment gone wrong will make you healthier than butter.
uh nope, they were commercials based on "the experts" salt.

"The golden age of partially hydrogenated oils began in 1961, when the physiologist Ancel Keys graced the cover of Time magazine, warning readers that saturated fat raised cholesterol and cholesterol caused heart disease. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on epidemiological research haven’t proven Keys exactly right. But the villainy of saturated fat nevertheless has become deeply institutionalized in the American medical and nutritional establishment, and trans fats have reaped the benefits... "
"American medical and nutritional establishment" that is "the experts"
...In 1976 came a pivotal moment that could have changed the story of trans fat forever, and likely saved thousands of lives. The FDA was trying to determine whether artificial trans fat should be considered "generally recognized as safe for human consumption" — a designation it gives to food and food additives based on the available research evidence.
"They contracted the decision out to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology," explained Oye, "and the group determined that 'there is no evidence in the available information on [artificial trans fats] that demonstrates or suggests reasonable grounds to suggest a hazard to the public.' " "When you have studies before that [suggesting potential danger]," Oye added, "it’s scandalous that they came to this conclusion."... L
But the FDA said it, so it must be true! WHY DON'T PEOPLE TRUST THE EXPERTS?!?
“Overall,” CSPI wrote in its 1988 book Saturated Fat Attack, “hydrogenated oils don’t pose a significant risk.”
CSPI = the Center for Science in the Public Interest
in other words "experts".

Early on restaurants and food manufactures often were forced to change by pressure from consumer and medical groups. In the early days the dairy industry literally fought to have margarine BANNED around the country when it was widely introduced, but the FDA said it was "safe" so all the bans they had managed to get in place were lifted and the reign of trans-fats went on with the support of the leading experts and doctors... until the 90s and lingers until this day.

every expert pronouncement needs to have critical review and counter claims openly on the table for everyone to see.
that's how science is done. not by blind trust or dismissive ridicule.
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