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Default Re: Mask Up and Shut Up

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
The ruling elite would love for us to mask up and be silenced. That's not going to happen. Yes, there are still a bunch of brainwashed sheeple, mostly on the left for some reason, who will comply with whatever someone in authority tells them to do, but the unnecessary mask mandates and shutdowns have caused many to awaken to the unjust control that the few have over the many. The few have power because of acquiescence, not because they have a legitimate right to rule others. Many are realizing this for the first time, so that is a positive outcome of the unjust mandates and shutdowns.
I'll bet if Trump had come out in January and told everyone to wear masks, the left would have fought it.

I have heard many Democrats say they will NOT take a Trump vaccine.
Appeasement, is feeding the crocodiles, hoping they will eat you last.
Winston Churchill
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