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Default Re: Mask Up and Shut Up

Originally Posted by Lollie View Post
I used to be a mask debunker.
Not now.
Since August 24, we have lost 13 people to covid at the healthcare facility where I work.
GetAClue and Gordon more than likely know about that, since they are pretty close to my area.
Covid is real.
It's sneaky.
It's vicious.
As a nurse I can tell you this has not been fun.
my mother in law is in a nursing home.
loved ones are not permitted to visit this facility.
yet employees come and go daily.
and i can tell you loved one brought covid into the nursing home; it was obviously brought in by an employee.
assuming they wear masks how the hell did it spread if the masks actually work?
if the masks work there's no good damn reason loved can't wear one when visiting.
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