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Default Re: Why must some companies make price increases that are sneaky--not straightforward

They did that with smoked sausage and seems to be be all the brands.They used to be 16oz. Now they are 12 to 14 oz and they cost more. This is within the past couple of years.

I think they are trying to do that with bacon as well.Not all the brands and varieties of bacon but some of them are trying to 12oz packages of bacon instead of 16 oz. Some of them are even trying to be sneaky about it by selling 24oz packages of bacon instead of 32oz packages of bacon.

Some of the generic brands of hotdogs they are doing 12 oz instead of 16 oz. I don't mess with generic brands of hotdogs that much.If I do then I get are John Morell.Before they were John Morell brand hotdogs they used to be called Rodeo hotdogs. I used to get BarS hotdogs until the started making them gritty,almost like they cutting way to ****ing close to the bone for that mechanically separated meat. Probably part of their cost saving measures.
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