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Default Re: Why Trump Supporters Can’t Admit Who He Really Is

Wonder Wehner is that never Trumper neocon beloved by the NYT and Atlantic Leftist propaganda outlets. A pseudo Conservative faux Christian Wehner endorses Max Boot style military US adventurism world wide. That's all overlooked just like with Biden because he enthusiastically prostrated himself before his radical Leftist masters.

Excerpted from the turgid rhetoric of the OP.

Polarization and political tribalism are not new to America; fear and hatred for our fellow citizens have been increasing for decades. We’ve had plenty of presidents who have failed us, in ways large and small. But this moment is different because Donald Trump is different, and because Donald Trump is president.
There we have it. Any tactic is justified by Trump being "different". Institutions, conventions and even the law itself are discarded with almost casual arrogance in pursuit of destroying the Bad Orange man and anyone who supports him.

Typical of the Trump hating radical Left the OP goes on to enumerate the tactics employed by the so-called Resistance attributing them to Trump of course.

His relentless assault on truth and the institutions of democracy—his provocations and abuse of power, his psychological instability and his emotional volatility, his delusions and his incompetence
From the violent riots that followed the announcement of Trump's election victory to false claims of Russian collusion to groundless charges of racism, to mental health professionals whoring out their professional ethics to politics, to impeachment based on the President displeasing State department apparatchiks to blatantly false accusations of mishandling the response to the Chinese virus the Resistance knows only hatred and projection towards President Trump.
What is a 30 something year old single man with a rock in one hand and a Honduran flag in the other?

An asylum seeker.
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