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Default Why Trump Supporters Canít Admit Who He Really Is

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
Why do Trump haters ignore his great accomplishments? Below is a partial list of his accomplishments, and it doesn't include the amazing, historical Israel–United Arab Emirates peace agreement that he recently brokered! Anyone who ignores these facts is either brainwashed, in denial, or just an idiot.

This is just a partial list and you can see more here:

Lots of nonsense in there (not the least of which is it ignores the fact that even where Trump has made some improvements in the economy (before everything went to shlt), they were marginal improvements that largely pale in comparison to what was accomplished under Obama). The African American unemployment claim is the most ridiculous. African American unemployment dropped 9 points under Obama and then another point and a half under Trump before spiking this year. It is just silly to argue that the guy who was president during the period to the right of this line accomplished anything even remotely comparable to the guy who was president during the period to the left of the line.

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