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Default Re: Why Trump Supporters Canít Admit Who He Really Is

Is you embedding the radical leftist BS in quote boxes, intended to frustrate and dissuade on-point replies to the stupidity?

I know I'm not interested in the tedious job of copy and pasting specific excerpts, embedding them in quotes attributed to you and then replying . . . Such a desire on my part to maintain some continuity and specificity in my rebuttals, is in the end useless, because you would never extend the respect and courtesy and reply in kind. Your practice is, if you can't find some wall of text to copy and paste, all you ever give back is incomprehensible gibberish without any punctuation. All that expresses is a complete lack of debate skill, weak confidence in your writing and zero respect for your reader (AKA, me).

It's funny that you expect me to read that diatribe and treat it as a substantive expression of your opinion. What's funnier is that you would interpret not receiving serious replies as proof of the brilliance of what you paste posted and by extension, the immunity of your "argument" from attack.

What gall . . .

I figure you will not accept this as a reply but it is much more than your post deserves. I didn't post this out of any respect that you deserve, but, like the majority of my posts rebutting you, simply out of a sense of a public spanking and chastising of a child, to teach others how not to conduct oneself in public.

You canít truly call yourself ďpeacefulĒ unless you are capable of great violence.
If you are incapable of violence, you are not peaceful, you are just harmless.

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