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Default Trump—After Outcry—Reverses Decision To Shut Down Stars And Stripes

Trump—After Outcry—Reverses Decision To Shut Down Stars And Stripes
I didn't believe this was a thing till I looked it up.

So what's the plan here? Throw out so much sh*t the opposition feels the need to keep responding to it?

President Trump on Friday afternoon drastically shifted course on the planned shutdown of Stars And Stripes, a 159-year-old newspaper for American troops funded by Congress, after reports emerged earlier in the day that his administration had told the historic paper to begin preparations to “dissolve.”
“The United States of America will NOT be cutting funding to [Stars and Stripes] magazine under my watch,” the president Tweeted.

However, the Trump administration had previously told the newspaper to brace for dissolution by September 15, according to a USA Today article published Friday morning.
A memo (also obtained by Forbes) written by Col. Paul Haverstick Jr., the director of Defense Media Activity, in which the Pentagon instructed the paper to draft a plan that “dissolves the Stars and Stripes,” offering a “specific timeline for vacating government owner/leased space worldwide.”

The editorially independent newspaper is delivered daily to front-line troops, often limited by a lack of internet access, and had a circulation of 7 million as of 2019.
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