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Default Re: Trump just told us how mail delays could help him corrupt the election

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
90 R lawmakers want to fire his PG.
Even if true, that has nothing to do with the post I made. BTW What is a PG?
I cannot figure out if you walked to school or took your lunch.

The post office has been removing blue boxes for decades. Long before Trump ever thought to run for the job. In many cases because the ones in use are torched by vandals. Imagine if one of them was full of ballots.

In Europe most nations have outlawed mail in ballots because they are easy to fraud or burn. One person one vote depends on a secure system. The Post Office admits, it is not a secure system. So why do the Democrats demand we use it?

The answer is because it is not secure, it would be easy to cheat. They forget, that would be true for either side. But it is the hope and plan of the DNP to have complete control of the government. At which point all their policies can then enslave America.
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