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Default Re: How Trump Plans to Steal the Election

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
1. Voting should be done in person as a designated polling place on election day. Not ****in by mail where it can't be proven the recipient is actually the person who voted. The only people who should get to vote by mailed are those that are bed bound and maybe troops in combat zones if they can't set up a designated polling place for them to go to. The only reason democrats want vote by mail is because of the fact it can't be proved that the person who was mailed the ballot actually voted.
Tell that to disabled people-I have voted by mail for several years now
tell that to oregonians-who've voted by mail for 34 years
tell that to eldrely Alaskans-Alaska plans to send paper absentee ballot applications to all registered voters who are at least 65 years old.
tell that to people scared they will take a deadly disease home to their family
2.Democrats have been screaming for the almost past four years of the Trump Russia hoax.If anyone is trying to delegitimize the elections its the democrats with the anti-Trump conspiracies. Also every time democrats lose an election they blame gerrymandering as though they don't do it themselves or blame something else for their loss other than people not liking their ideas. So any all the other libs trying to push Anti-Trump conspiracies since Trump won the election have no room what so ever to talk about Trump trying to delegitimize the election. You people are worse than the birther-tards for the simple fact is seems most democrats are pushing the anti-Trump conspiracies while only a handful on the right spewed birther-tard conspiracies.
Postal service seen hauling mailboxes away in trucks as Trump's pick to lead USPS makes controversial changes before election

3.Who ever is president is going to appoint judges who share their ideas or at least come close to sharing their ideas.Liberal presidents will appoint liberal judges and conservative presidents will appoint conservative judges. Its been that way for a long time. Its why the supreme in many of their decisions are split on ideological grounds.To bash Trump for something your side does is laughable.
he appoints unqualified, criminal and/or donors across the board for his administration.
Actually that's a lie. He doesn't "administrate" anything. It's more a dismantling of our country.
Khartoum has been facing heavy pressure and “blackmail” from the US administration to normalize relations with Israel in return for removing Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism...~Jerusalem Post
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