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Default Re: How Trump Plans to Steal the Election

What's amazing is that ever phony scandal comes up empty, so they just move to a newly invented one...

The Democrats Have Completely Lost Their Minds With The Latest Trump Hoax They’re Pushing

Now following crazy conspiracy theories isn’t an exclusive purview of the left.

But with media and Democrats pushing the Russia hoax for the past four years it seems like that has pushed many on the left into true bizarro land when it comes to the nonsense they will believe.

The latest hoax being pushed is that President Donald Trump is now somehow trying to sabotage the US Postal Service because he’s trying to steal the election.

Now in classic projection, what’s actually happening here is that the Democrats have been holding up virus relief for Americans trying to get more money for the USPS and universal mail-in voting, a nightmare in the making for the security of the election and guaranteeing that people’s vote will be counted.

But the “spin” on that is that Trump wants to “defund” the post office to prevent votes from getting to the election board. This is nonsense as they already obviously have their funding for the year already, it isn’t even logical. But that isn’t preventing Democrats from falling for this and resulting in some truly nutty tweets from evidence of the “conspiracy.”
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