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Default Re: How Trump Plans to Steal the Election

Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
Garbage new thread......

How did the OP miss Harris and her 2000 dollar give away vote buy out for our next election.....?
a campaign promise is not actively trying to make your vote not count by any means handy.
this is the greatest worry I have is Trump's trying to instill fear of absentee voting accompanied by trying to cripple the post office with stringent bull sht. even if he doesnt want them to have the money to handle a nationwide vote by mail, he shouldn't cut back on overtime getting mail out and change the time ballots are due. that's down right criminal.
Khartoum has been facing heavy pressure and “blackmail” from the US administration to normalize relations with Israel in return for removing Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism...~Jerusalem Post
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