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Default Re: Trump signs limited executive orders on unemployment

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
he said himself he would 'see about making it permanent'
then he walked that back via his staff and they said he meant you might not have to pay it back
thing is he can't executive order that part of his plan.
so if you work I advise asking your employer to go ahead and withhold it that way you're not caught short.
while trump has a problem blurting out stuff in unclear terms there is not a sane person on the planet who believes he meant to abolish the payroll tax forever moving forward.
he even started off calling it a tax holiday. the same verbiage obama used with the 2% payroll tax holiday we got in 2012 that we were not required to pay back. as you stated trump can't do that unilaterally with an executive order. he will need congress to forgive that tax making the four month tax relief/holiday permanent. he also said he'd extend it but didn't specify for how long. my guess is regardless of who wins the tax holiday will be made permanent meaning you won't have to pay it back. but the tax withholding will resume after the first of the year.
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