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Default Re: LIVE: Donald Trump Makes Another Humiliating Speech

Originally Posted by Jeerleader View Post
The speech in front of laundry machines in Ohio was very pointed symbolism.

It sent the message that Trump's endeavor of swamp clearing is in high gear. It was chosen because of the Optima Management raids in Cleveland on Tuesday with the Ukrainian oligarchs and billions of US money being laundered and who is next . . .

Something noteworthy happened yesterday. The White House staff all went outside and saw the President off when he left for Ohio. Did you catch him when he spoke in ominous terms of powerful wealthy people aligning against him and that we won't be seeing him for a while?

Trump didn't return to the White House; he went to Bedminster NJ . . . Bedminster is of course his safe area for planning; a very controlled access location both geographically and the personnel who can get near him. He went to Bedminster at his most vulnerable in 2016, after abandoning Trump Tower 10 days after election day . . . After Admiral Rogers, Director of Obama's NSA told him of the depth of Obama's spying against him.

It looks like there's going to be things happening in the immediate future; things that will have even people who aren't 'political people' saying, "Ah-Ha! that's why the Democrats have been acting so insane!"

Democrats still have lots of room for more insanity and since they, like our own OP, are all steeping in lies from the Washington Post and other DEMedia BS, they will be getting even angrier when their leftist bubble is popped.

Glimmers of the anger showed during Barr's House Judiciary appearance (can't call it testimony, the Dems didn't let him speak) when Barr refused to say "under oath" that he wouldn't issue indictments before the election.

Something that kind of flew under the radar was Barr announcing he has another U.S. Attorney (John Bash) specifically investigating unmasking and it is not limited to the election period!

That Barr admits Bash's investigation extends further back than just unmasking Trump associates in the 2016 campaign, means it is focused on the Obama FBI's abuse of the NSA databases, illegally searching FISA-702 “about”(17) and “to/from”(16) parameters, targeting US citizens for political purposes, which the FISA court said goes back to 2012 (IRS targeting).

Hmmmm. . . Who was the FBI Director back in 2012? None other than Robert Mueller.

You mean where he parties with the Trump National Golf Club?

"It was an unexpected perk of their country club membership: being the audience for President Donald Trump’s hurriedly announced news conference Friday evening at his course in Bedminster, New Jersey,''

There were kids present and nobody wore a mask till it was leaked on twitter and the staff started passing them out.
As for your conspiracy bs you'd make a great fill in for Alex Jones.
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