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Default Re: What would happen in the event of a split vote in 2020?

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
You are joking about Democrats being the party of law and order and supporting the Constitution. After nearly 2 months of radical Leftist thugs violently rioting in Portland Democrat after Democrat berated AG Barr for daring to oppose the rampant destruction perpetrated by the fascist mob. But Democrats don't stop there, support for defunding the police placing the populace at the mercy of the mob is universal among Democrat elites.

Democrats perverted the Federal justice and intelligence agencies for the KGB like persecution of political opponents. They staged a Starr chamber impeachment inquiry following by a sham impeachment trial. Now they are extending their attack on Constitutional rights to Second amendment advocates.

Democrats have devolved into the radical socialist party where the ends justify the means.
donald told you that but he lied. barr is a liar by his actions. both perverted the justice system and made you think democrats did it.
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