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Default Re: What would happen in the event of a split vote in 2020?

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Byron York (of The Washington Examiner) was on Fox News this morning (Thursday, August 6, as I write this), speculating on what might happen under four different scenarios, as regarding the November presidential election.

One of those scenarios was as follows:

Joe Biden wins the popular vote, but Donald Trump wins the electoral vote. (This is exactly what happened in 2016--and even in 2000: a split.)

Many Democrats are outraged about the prospect of four more years of Donald Trump--even though their candidate won the popular vote.

So Democratic governors in states that Trump won try to replace the state electors with those who will be "faithless"--i.e. with those who will vote for Joe Biden, regardless of the fact that Donald Trump carried the state.

I think that this might well lead to a civil war (something which I certainly do not wish to occur).

At the very least, it would signal the end of our republic, as we have traditionally known it--and, truly, in any meaningful sense of the word.

Would others care to comment upon this?
Since Democrats pay more attention to law and order as well as the constitution the past several years, I doubt this will be like George Bush refusing to accept Al Gore's win.
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