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Default Re: What would happen in the event of a split vote in 2020?

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Byron York (of The Washington Examiner) was on Fox News this morning (Thursday, August 6, as I write this), speculating on what might happen under four different scenarios, as regarding the November presidential election.

One of those scenarios was as follows:

Joe Biden wins the popular vote, but Donald Trump wins the electoral vote. (This is exactly what happened in 2016--and even in 2000: a split.)

Many Democrats are outraged about the prospect of four more years of Donald Trump--even though their candidate won the popular vote.

So Democratic governors in states that Trump won try to replace the state electors with those who will be "faithless"--i.e. with those who will vote for Joe Biden, regardless of the fact that Donald Trump carried the state.

I think that this might well lead to a civil war (something which I certainly do not wish to occur).

At the very least, it would signal the end of our republic, as we have traditionally known it--and, truly, in any meaningful sense of the word.

Would others care to comment upon this?
I would hate to think it would happen, but I could see some serious trouble in this country if that were to happen. I've not put a lot of thought it too it, but I would imagine that there could be some violence from both sides of this.
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