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Default Cuomo Urges Wealthy New Yorkers to Come Back to City

Cuomo Urges Wealthy New Yorkers to Come Back to City

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pleading with wealthy New Yorkers to return to the city, Yahoo News reports. Cuomo said he is worried about New York’s economic recovery from coronavirus shutdowns. He expressed concerns that the city’s rich residents may not return from their second homes located outside the city during a recent press conference.

Let's see. NYC has a mayor that sides with radical leftists and frequently attacks business owners. The mayor also cut $1 Billion from the police budget just after violent leftist riots destroyed businesses and properties in the city. The tax rate in NYC is one of the highest in the country. The hardest hit area in the country in regards to COVID deaths was in New York.

Why, who wouldn't want to run back to that hell hole?
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