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Default Re: Over 100 Police Agencies PULL OUT Of Agreements To Guard DNC Convention

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
what fear mongering is this I hear; golly y'all are easily led.
While your hero threatens democracy you follow his lead as he pretends democrats are dangerous.
Portland got rid of their Police violence unit on July 1st. By the end of the month they registered the highest number of homicides in over 30 years.

Who is creating THIS fear? But guess what! There were no arrests, so
the left can tout less crime.

The left has shown us that it doesn't matter if there is crime, just as long as it doesn't show statistically.

If we stop arresting people, crime will go down, right?
"The freedom of speech is, in sum, our foremost protection against tyranny. Without it, a tyrant can work his will without any fear of his opponents uttering even one cross word."
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