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Default BLM issues demands for cut of Louisville business profits, threatens boycotts, sit-in

BLM issues demands for cut of Louisville business profits, threatens boycotts, sit-ins

Black Lives Matter protesters in Louisville have issued demands to businesses in the city's East Market District in order to correct the "lack of representation" of non-whites and "liberate" people of color.

In a letter addressed to "Business Owners and Stakeholders in NuLu business district" with a subject line of "Reparations and Representation," the Louisville BLM affiliate is demanding donations to organizations run by non-whites, as well as racial quotas for staff and ownership of business suppliers.

The list of demands includes:
  • 23% of staff are "black or indigenous persons of color" (BIPOC) in Front of House positions
  • 23% of inventory is from BIPOC retailers
  • Dress code policy does not discriminate against BIPOC patrons and employees
  • Mandated "diversity and inclusion training" for all employees
  • Displays of left-wing messaging to support "reparations"
  • The group is also publishing "grades" of the business, with three varieties of posters with the message "YOU CAN'T STOP THE REVOLUTION" and the grades A, C, and F as outlined by the "NuLu Social Justice Health and Wellness Code."

If businesses fail to abide by BLM's demands, the following "Repercussions of non-compliance" will be enforced:
  • Reduction in Racial Index Score/bias report to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Notification, via all social media platforms, of non-compliance.
  • Public boycott, coordinated through social media and mail announcements, of the NuLu establishment and any other business ventures under the same ownership.
  • Visible, media-covered demonstration/sit-in outside the establishment.
  • Placement of booths/tables outside the establishment where competing black proprietors will offer items comparable to those offered by the establishment.

Donald Trump Jr. criticized the demands early Monday morning.

It looks like BLM is picking up where Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition left off. Use extortion or any means necessary to get what you want. And don't worry, the authorities won't bother you because they don't want to be accused of racism.

If one were to look to start a new race war, this would be one way to get it going. I hope people come to their senses before this gets too far out of hand.
To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead - Thomas Paine

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