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Default Re: ‘Umbrella Man’

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Reasonable people would have trouble sleeping bouncing between "Protests are peaceful!" followed by "Protests are violent, but it's not their fault!"...

...but these aren't reasonable people...

reasonable people who've learned about civics in school know that a protest in America is not equal to violence. Protests can become violent also spark violence in others. Guys walking a picket line are protesting an employer's practices but they are not violent in nature. In the 20s when companies hired goons to crack heads strikes did become violent. due to these goons. and it wasn't till jimmy hoffa era that unions really took hold. those people who died in the original strikes got nothing. then there were viet nam protests. some were very peaceful. till cops showed up with guns -real bullets btw.
teaparty was a form of protest of taxation w/o representation. pouring tea into the ocean. I imagine the British cracked some heads that night.
protest do become violent on their own as in watts riots times two.
but no protest is an American right, duty and tradition in a free country.
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