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Default Re: ‘Umbrella Man’

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
With an umbrella in his left hand and a hammer in his right, the man in black lobbed his weapon so nonchalantly into an auto parts shop’s windows that it surprised many others in Minneapolis marching nearby in a May 27 protest after George Floyd’s death.

Soon after the abrupt attack, the mostly calm demonstration near a police precinct erupted into looting and arson — the first fire in riots that eventually caused $500 million in damage and left two people dead, the Associated Press reported.

For weeks afterward, activists and Internet commenters homed in on a viral video of the figure nicknamed “Umbrella Man,” speculating that his intent was actually to turn the peaceful protests destructive.

On Tuesday, Minneapolis police identified him as an affiliate of a white supremacist group that allegedly sought to “incite violence,” according to a search warrant affidavit filed in the Hennepin County District Court. The Star Tribune first reported of the warrant. The 32-year-old man has not been charged.
The Minneapolis Police Department declined to comment on the case, citing the active investigation.

The news comes amid rising fears of right-wing agitators purposefully stoking violence at protests. Last month, federal prosecutors charged supporters of the right-wing “boogaloo boys” movement in incidents including the killing of a security officer at a federal courthouse and plotting firebombs and explosives at a government building and peaceful protests — all with the aim of stoking racial conflict.

READ more here

went viral breaking windows at a protest. He was a white supremacist trying to spark violence, police say.

This story is laughable. They are somehow able to ID a man who is literally covered head to toe with his face obscured and they have yet to arrest him even though they supposedly know who he is. This is nothing more than desperation on the part of the leftist media trying to make it seem as though its not the protesters themselves doing the rioting, looting and arson. Its always been the protesters doing the rioting, looting and arson. Rodney King riots, Fergason riots, Occu-tard riots, Keith Lamont Scott riot and sorts of other riots it was the protesters. It wasn't outside groups. Amazing how lib-tards were trying to justify these cocksuckers rioting, even placing claiming the police were escalating the riots and even claimed Umbrella man was a cop. Now they are trying to claim its a biker gang member and not only a biker gang member. But a racist biker gang member who is responsible for the riots all across the country as though somehow the protesters actually needed someone to push them to riot,loot and commit arson.Which is even more laughable when they didn't need any help what ever in the past to incited to loot,riot and burn down buildings.

This is what I mean in the other thread on how the mainstream media is trying place blame for these riots on right wingers and racists(racist doesn't equal right winger).
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