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Default Re: You Can Stop Cleaning Your Mail Now

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
I get your point.
I think the responsibility was supposed to occur before people lost their jobs.
Like not living paycheck to paycheck.
Like living below your means.
Like saving money for an emergency. 3-6 months living expenses is recommended.
That's all great but , I have to ask have you guys ever really had bad financial stuff happen to you or family members.

By way of personal example.
I'd worked the same job with good pay for over a decade. And i got laid off 7 years ago. I had 6 months of savings. A month later my wife lost her good job.
We got unemployment but shortly after took jobs with FAR lower pay simply because neither of us were able to get (still haven't) jobs comparable to our previous positions. The 6 months savings went into mortgage home repairs and car repairs. no extra to build reserves. in fact we owe family and friends money. By the grace of God we've manage to keep our home. (getting a smaller home would cost us about the same or more and in a worse area. Renting the same.)

By the grace of God my current Job was considered "essential". if i had been force to leave with no pay or unemployment based on my salary we'd be in danger of losing the home.
our mortgage company only "offered" to DELAY payments. that is 'you don't have to pay this month or the next 3 months but on the four month we want ALL the back payments due at once'. We respectfully declined their offer.

I can understand how people with young kids to care for or medical bills or other major financial hits could slip under the bus during this time.

Exactly how it should be addressed is another question but letting a large group of people fall through the cracks to a lower place wear it's MUCH harder to rise from doesn't make sense. It's not just about compassion it's about having a community that's stable and successful as well. everyone is better off.
People should be "responsible" but when their house has burnt down it doesn't help to say well you should have had a fire extinguishers And my compassion goes only so far.
Americans used pride themselves on their compassion, helping their neighbors out during hard times.

there's a real place for "responsibility" but i'm not sure why folks would assume to worse of those that have lost jobs or businesses during this 4+ months of virus/gov't forced crash.
Hope is the dream of the waking man.

For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.
Job 14:6-8

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