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Default Re: You Can Stop Cleaning Your Mail Now

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
So those who were receiving that extra $600 a week, or more, per person on unemployment ($2,400 a month) were doing exactly what with that money? If their mortgage or rent exceeded that, they had issues long before COVID-19 made life a problem.

My sympathy reaches only so far. At some point, people need to take some responsibility for their situation. According to some, that makes me racist. I won't take that label, because I don't care what color someone is.
I heard an interesting comment about that extra $600/week from a politician. She said, "The GOP want to reduce that $600 down to $200 is taking $400 per week away from families." What? That kind of statement just blows my mind. It's not 'taking' anything away from anybody, it's simply 'giving' them less. Many people (not me) were actually getting more in unemployment than they were earning before losing their job.

Full disclosure for everybody on this board, I am currently unemployed. My employer was forced to shut down about 98% of its income stream by government business closures. As states re-open the company is also re-opening but it's too late for the 15% of us at corporate headquarters that had our jobs eliminated.
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