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Default Re: You Can Stop Cleaning Your Mail Now

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
So those who were receiving that extra $600 a week, or more, per person on unemployment ($2,400 a month) were doing exactly what with that money? If their mortgage or rent exceeded that, they had issues long before COVID-19 made life a problem.

My sympathy reaches only so far. At some point, people need to take some responsibility for their situation. According to some, that makes me racist. I won't take that label, because I don't care what color someone is.
I sort of get where you're coming from but
When someone looses there job
...because of BS lockdowns
and can't find another because many things are slowed or stopped in certain biz sectors
..because of lockdowns.
the schools and daycares are closed or turned into prison like conditions so some people have little access to childcare.
...because of lockdowns.
What kind of responsibility do you want some people to take... exactly?

Assuming your mortagae/rent was never higher than your income. But you were living paycheck to paycheck.

What would you suggest they do?
What would you do?
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