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Default Re: You Can Stop Cleaning Your Mail Now

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Your neighbor is a perfect example of the fear instilled by, over zealous reporting of the danger and repeated demands by gubmit officials to Shelter in place and wear a dayum mask or you will die.

We didn't fear
Bird flu
Swine flu

But Covid-19 proves the media and the Gubmit can make cowards of most all of us.

If you are a sensible law and order patriot, with a mind of your own, you must be either a racist or a health danger to your neighbors. You are, therefore, the enemy.
when they were new and still mysterious we did fear them yes. ebola was contained in an area pretty quickly and guidelines were followed.
the 1918 flu was an h1n1 variety and it was scary for us. it's just we haven't had a brand new virus we still are finding out about plus there is really no coherent unified message coming from our leaders. the scientists are pushed toward the back so we each must determine on our own what is best. that's ok if you are deciding where to send your kids to school or where to go to work, but in an emergency situation it's best to have unity from authorities as well as direction.
side note: I was talking w a doctor the other day and he agreed with me in that I don't think this is going away any time soon.
the best thing the govt can do is not refurbish the pentagon and projects like that that can wait, but just issue stipends for every family because right now there are I think I read 40 million mortgages that are going to be foreclosed on. even if there is another moratorium those people are going to have to catch up that rent or mortgage and at some point that is going to be impossible.
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