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Default Re: Ohio man, 20, is arrested for 'kneeling on a crying child's neck' in social media

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
The fact they only bitch about handful of innocent people being wrongfully killed by the cops each year while ignoring thousands of black people are murdered each year by other black people and the disproportionate number of abortion clinics killing black people by the millions says BLM is just a farce.
In 2019 there were 9 unarmed black people killed by police in this entire country, the entire year.
Since June 20th 2020 (basically one month) 9 unarmed black children, yes, BLACK CHILDREN have been shot and killed just in the city of Chicago. They weren't shot or killed by police. They were shot and killed by other black people.
That's just children. That's just one city. It doesn't include the black adults killed or the other black adults and black children shot, stabbed or assaulted/killed by other means. It's Chicago, one city. Yet the Black Lives Matter org is doing nothing about that. Do the black children killed in Chicago not matter? It certainly looks that way to me. The BLM movement is complete bovine excrement.
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