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Default Re: St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters face charges

The article in the OP summarizes quite well some very important points:

(1) Missouri's "Castle Doctrine" makes the defense of one's house entirely legal. (In fact, it would be legal--I would think--to defend one's home, in the other 49 states, also. But this surely clears up the matter.)

(2) Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has called it a "peaceful protest"--even though the so-called "protestors" broke down the McCloskeys' gate, and appeared to be on the brink of overrunning their house.

(3) It should be evident that this was a politically inspired indictment.

(4) Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt "swiftly filed a brief in the case to have it dismissed," according to the article.

(5) If it does go to trial the McCloskeys almost certainly will be acquitted by a jury of their peers.

(6) If--for some unforeseeable reason--they were actually to be convicted, the Missouri governor, Mike Parson, has already indicated that he would pardon them.
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