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Default Re: Baby Lives Matter

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Jimmy Carter was evidently a good human being--but a poor president, in my opinion.
because of propaganda tons of people think he was bad and reagan great. while reagan was not as bad as some he was definitely not great and moved us toward the great recession with his personality and not great picks surrounding him/also newt was bad for us imho.
Mitt Romney is not a Republican

which is the line set forth carefully and meticulously. I'm next door to utah, many idahoans have ties there. Mormons are conservative but they're not nuts.
in any meaningful sense of the word (even though he continues to carry an "R" next to his name); but he is really not in line with the Democrats, either. Probably the best way to describe him is to say that he is a RINO--and a transparent Trump hater.
what possible gain could he be after? no. he is an honest conservative. just not crazy or a white supremacist sympathizer.

John McCain (the late John McCain) was, in my opinion, a better man than many of my fellow conservatives credit him with having been. He was a genuine man of principle. (However, the one thing for which I have never been able to quite forgive him is his casting the deciding vote to retain ObamaCare.)
he may have done it to piss off Trump but I think he actually leaned that way as he saw it was better for the economy and when there was no reason to get in line w/ mitch anymore he voted his conscience.

AOC, too, is principled enough; but it is really hard for me to give accolades to a socialist. (She may even be a bit to the left of Bernie Sanders; and that is particularly difficult--at least, in this country.)
they are of the same ilk, however things are so screwed up I believe the Dem party did right to push Joe who is a middle of the road Democrat not even much of a liberl except he loves unions. his foreign experience is much needed to unscrew this mess. I'm sure he will get blamed by some for trump and pompeo , davos etc., actions, but hopefully he'll turn the country toward a stable course.
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