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Default Re: Baby Lives Matter

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
I don't think it's "cryptic" at all...

From over a month ago...

Trump campaign selling 'Baby Lives Matter' onesie on website
that is what I mean
rally round and clap or cry for the babies boo-hoo
let's all vote for this guy boo-hoo
nobody does anything about it. because without those weeping mothers they would not draw the anti abortion vote
Trump cares about the unborn as much as he cares about puerto ricans he threw paper towels to. look how he endangered his own great nephew's life.
he cares as much as Al Gore cares about womens' rights.
if we had a politician who cared about the people (over but not exclusively over big donors) he or she would be vilified and ridiculed by both parties ...oh wait...
jimmy carter ...mitt romney...john mccain...aoc

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