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Default Re: Voting Fraud Charges Filed Against Paterson Councilman and Councilman-Elect

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Of course you didn't say it. You said " there is no way to get rid of voter fraud...."
Implying, in the context of your post, that we should except it as fact, at the very least.

Your argument is one of semantics.
Typical liberal deflctive sh!t.

I'm saying "no," we should not except that it will always exist. And that we should not employ methods that allow it. Mail voting is proven rife with fraud from both sides of the aisle.

Voting is a right, not a privilege. You have the "right" to exercise it. Whilst there are special reasons to have alternatives, the government has no need to facilitate it for those who won't put forth the energy to do it "In Person" simply as an excuse for the preventing voter suppression. Absentee ballots and mail in ballots are historically rife with fraud. In person voting is how you "fix" it!
give me a link to absentee ballots being rife with fraud.
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