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Default Re: Judge Napolitano on Rayshard Brooks case: Murder charge against Atlanta officer i

Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
Yeah, that white guy probably wouldn't have been driving drunk, a felony.....
Probably wouldn't have fought both police officers on the ground refusing to be arrested....
Probably would have punched a cop in the face....
Probably wouldn't have stole a taser and took off running....
Probably wouldn't have turned and fired a taser at the cop trying to make an arrest.....

Yeah, that white guy would still be alive today.....

Only problem with your theory is that RB made all of those bad decisions on his own, his own actions got him killed, simple as that....
yeah I think a wealthy white guy could have made those bad decisions and got shot in the knee.
my big wonder is are the police today even trained to shoot but not to kill.
but yeah the cop may not be convicted of murder.
training training like your partner reminding you the suspect is no longer a threat.

the jury will take into consideration the short time to react and the chase "high" police get but something needs to change
why do we accept police killing anybody unless being shot at?
On a more positive note, people still can't order dialysis w/o a referral.
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