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Default Re: 75-year-old man pushed to ground by Buffalo police 'comes from a peace tradition'

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Police should only use the force necessary and appropriate for the offense.
Do you think people should be shot for jay walking and speeding?

But hey , we can't have police being arbitrary, beating and killing all law breakers is the only way.
I've seen the light.
Here comes the hysteria, police shooting jaywalkers and speeders. Anything to avoid discussing the police shoving someone aside who was trying to block them carrying out a lawful order. A so-called protesters attempted to break the police line to stop them from enforcing a curfew but it's the police who are at fault.

The police application of force is regulated by internal policy, reviewed by internal and citizen boards, and subject to prosecution by district attorneys. But that's not good enough for politicians pandering to the mob. The police are unrestrained villians looking to leave bodies of their victims in the streets. We are so much better off trusting the "judgement" of the mob just ask the family of retired police captain David Dorn, shot down and left to die on the sidewalk like garbage for the crime of trying to stop looters from exercising their Constitutional right to plunder.
What is a 30 something year old single man with a rock in one hand and a Honduran flag in the other?

An asylum seeker.
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