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Default Re: 75-year-old man pushed to ground by Buffalo police 'comes from a peace tradition'

If the Tazer IS a deadly weapon then the sleepy drunk should have been in fear for his life. And the cop's were trying to kill him from the point where they took it out to use it on him.

Or the Tazer IS NOT a deadly weapon so the cops had good cause to use it on the sleepy fighting drunk and not "fear for their lives" when the sleepy drunk manages to take it from them.

The cops are the ones that have to decide which way they want to play it.
Either way they are wrong.

And here's a question.
The guy got there in a car right?
He ran away from that car. So the cops now had the guys ID AND his CAR.
the Sleepy drunk is on foot half-sleep, why couldn't they pick the guy up later at their leisure? When the poor police would be in no mortal danger.

What would Sheriff Andy Griffith do?
Is that to much like being a decent human being or something?
I guess so because, the cops did what Barney Fife would do.
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