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Default Re: Are You Smarter Than A 1954 8th Grader?

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
A few years ago, in the "Jaywalking" segment of Jay Leno's Tonight Show, the host asked someone (who appeared normal enough) where Cuba is located; to which he replied that it is in Asia.

Well, I never did exceptionally well in "Social Studies" (roughly a combination of history and geography) when I was in school, either; but that degree of ignorance is really disturbing...
any of those man on the street interviews where they ask questions pertaining to government and I cringe at some of the answers.

Being my state borders Canada we get the CBC and there is a guy named Rick Mercer, a comedian, who comes across the border every once in a while and does man on the street interviews asking about Canada. If you want to see dumb Americans you have to watch one of his shows. God it is embarrassing!

Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans!" [Full Version]
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