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Default Re: Why Joe Biden can do no wrong

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Full on histrionics, the threat posed by Trump is so profound any tactic including illegal acts and mimicking the political sabotage of the KGB is not just allowed, it's a patriotic duty. Now we see the full blown dementia where the Resistance burns the village to "save" it all the while claiming the bad Orange man is responsible for the destruction they author.

Congratulations on one upping the craven Resistance fools pledging loyalty to Biden even if they believe he is guilty of rape or boils babies and eats them. Biden is at least a demigod, the only hope for salvation. Who dares question the divinity.
Obviously, there is no REAL threat to this country....Just as the sun came up every single day under Obama, it continues to rise each day under Trump, and will do so for future presidents...

I remember writing something to this point before, but I haven't found it, so I'll write it again...

Trump's threat to Dems/Libs/Left is that he not just stopping the Lefty-lurch of the country, but actually REVERSING it...

Of course hindsight helps, but it's obvious that Bush43, Romney, and McCain were all "Go-along-with-it Republicans"...They tried to talk the talk, but when it came right down to it, they were all in favor of living with large regulations, horrible trade deals, and agreements which gave their political opposition medium wins instead of large wins...all to the detriment of the country...

Trump is having none of that...Not only did he scale back business stifling regs, he actually decreased them...He gained billions back to the country by renegotiating deals with other countries...He made "Love of country" hip again, destroying decades of Liberal "blame America" indoctrination...

Instead of simply saying "We're losing and need to refocus on ourselves", they've decided to double down on hated and take the route of blaming Trump for their own actions...

"Let's divide the nation by yelling Trump is dividing the nation!"

"Let's call Trump a racist so we hide the racist skeletons in our closet!"

"Let's call Trump a Jew-hater so no one questions the anti-Semitic quadrant of our party!"

Depleting our virus readiness...Destroying health care...Giving ISIS a home...Using federal agencies as political snipers...All done by the Democrat Party...and their only response is to yell "Trump's fault!"...

Trump IS the firewall between Liberals and their Utopia of full government power and control over the unwashed he's the main target....

...and as you've said, even if they have to burn the village to save it...
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