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Default Re: Why Joe Biden can do no wrong

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
Trump is a genuinely vile and disgusting human being who is, beyond question, the worst president in modern history. It is not hyperbole to say that his presidency is an act of naked destruction of everything this country is supposed to represent. Removing him from office will be an act of genuine patriotism and if the vehicle for that act is a flawed candidate, so be it. The country must be saved and, right now, Joe Biden is the only hope we have for that salvation.
Full on histrionics, the threat posed by Trump is so profound any tactic including illegal acts and mimicking the political sabotage of the KGB is not just allowed, it's a patriotic duty. Now we see the full blown dementia where the Resistance burns the village to "save" it all the while claiming the bad Orange man is responsible for the destruction they author.

Congratulations on one upping the craven Resistance fools pledging loyalty to Biden even if they believe he is guilty of rape or boils babies and eats them. Biden is at least a demigod, the only hope for salvation. Who dares question the divinity.
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