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Default Re: Fake republicans/conservatives vow to vote for Biden because they don't like Trum

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
No one moved the goal posts. When Trump suggested injecting disinfectant, it was clear that he was referring to bleach and isopropyl alcohol, the two disinfectants just mentioned. To suggest otherwise is a lame attempt to cover up Trump’s clear idiocy.
You know he did not "Suggest" anything. He merely "Asked" a question.

"IS there something Like that" that can be used?" That is called a question Counselor. They teach that in Lawyerin" 101.
You must not has made it that far. Are you sure your not really a court stenographer?

I have know doubt that I could beat you in a court room, due to all your false, opinionated comments, that do not reflect
was is black and white, and in writing.
Appeasement, is feeding the crocodiles, hoping they will eat you last.
Winston Churchill
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