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Default Re: Senate has no deal on the next coronavirus relief bill, but sets up possible Tues

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Small businesses suffer while Queen Nancy shows off her supply of expensive chocolate including ice cream stored in a freezer that costs more than a lot of family cars. Reloading the small business relief fund is held hostage to Democrats demands to spend even more on pet projects. But hey, Princess Nancy has her chocolate.

Remember when the Resistance media turned Trump having an extra scoop of ice cream into a national scandal? Yep. But Nancy Pelosi's arrogant display of wealth and privilege while refusing to do her job as Speaker displays her empathy for the worker.
no gd oversite and bigger companies pilfering from the fund is why small businesses couldn't get any money. it ran out. one firm was shamed into returning it but that's just one company.
whats the administration and Congress' answer? give away MORE money to bigguns that WE have to pay back.
meanwhile, you bet yer sweet azz democrat and republican politicians on the hill and trumpkins gonna cut some from that bundle.
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