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Default Re: LA sheriff clashes with county lawyer over closing gun shops

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
The intention of the 2nd amendment is so that average people can have the necessary firepower and get together to be able to defend against invasions and our government should it become tyrannical. So the idea that the national guard being a militia is absurd.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
Sounds a lot like a call to arms to free us/keep us free from the British. That matter being settled you're on track to end the entire amendment. Better be careful.

Someone who is both insane and dangerous should be in the loony bin until they are deemed no longer dangerous.
hmm...too bad we don't have a system that helps us detect the mentally ill in society much until it is too late. You might wanna get working on that letter to your congressman on that subject.
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