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Default Re: DOJ Asks To Drop Charges Against Russian Companies That Funded Troll Farm

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
I understand completely. Concord management is a foreign corporation with no US presence. They sent lawyers to consent to jurisdiction, but it was a sham. They never accepted multiple subpoenas and refused to respond to discovery requests. And, if the court had returned a verdict against them, it would have been unenforceable. In the end, Barr's DOJ elected to dismiss the indictment against them. This proves nothing regarding the merits of the indictment.
Right, it doesn't matter that Mueller's monkeys immediately petitioned the court for a delay after the Russian firms lawyer unexpectedly showed up to defend their clients. Oh no Mueller would have never indicted Concord unless they were guilty. Just like the pointless indictments of Russian intelligence officers, Mueller and Weissman acted out of partisan hatred not the pursuit of justice.

Concord was indicted so they must be guilty. No American was indicted for conspiring or cooperating with the Russians. but the Trump administration is guilty. Indictment in an unwinnable case or no indictment all that matters is Orange man bad.
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