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Default Re: DOJ Asks To Drop Charges Against Russian Companies That Funded Troll Farm

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
I understand completely. Concord management is a foreign corporation with no US presence. They sent lawyers to consent to jurisdiction, but it was a sham. They never accepted multiple subpoenas and refused to respond to discovery requests. And, if the court had returned a verdict against them, it would have been unenforceable. In the end, Barr's DOJ elected to dismiss the indictment against them. This proves nothing regarding the merits of the indictment.
Yep, the russians literally argued that the case must be thrown out because a ‘military attack’ by a ‘military intel agency’ is a sovereign act and is immune to prosecution. In other words, the hack was an ACT OF WAR and tRUmp and the rest of his cult are cheering this on.

Its also interesting that the corrupt AG Barr used the cover of an international pandemic to do this. Im sure he understood the optics here, whether it was to provide more cover for tRUmp or to try and play down how the US government got out-maneuvered by the Russians isn't clear though.
The total number of contacts between the tRUmp team
and Russia-linked operatives that we know about so far is 272.

-- SOURCE --

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