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Default Re: DOJ Asks To Drop Charges Against Russian Companies That Funded Troll Farm

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
Excuse me counselor, but MANY if not ALL companies send their lawyers to court instead of actual company executives. There is NO legal requirement of company executives to attend a pretrial hearing.

Company executives have no business in the courtroom as they would add nothing to the proceedings and would most likely say something that could put their case in jeopardy. This is NOT an uncommon practice.

I would hope that being a "lawyer" you would be more familiar with this practice.
I understand completely. Concord management is a foreign corporation with no US presence. They sent lawyers to consent to jurisdiction, but it was a sham. They never accepted multiple subpoenas and refused to respond to discovery requests. And, if the court had returned a verdict against them, it would have been unenforceable. In the end, Barr's DOJ elected to dismiss the indictment against them. This proves nothing regarding the merits of the indictment.
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