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Default Re: World Health Organization gives update in Geneva on coronavirus outbreak.

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
if you are not concerned about it maybe you'd be more comfortable in the maga sandbox. where people pretend trump is doing as he promised and he's a really smart guy. a genius.
I'm not the one running around with my hair on fire saying that the sky is falling. My family and I are all fine, healthy and not worried any more about the Coronovirus than we are of the common flu, which by the way kills about 50,000 people a year on average in THIS country.

But if you wish to keep listening to CNN and MSNBC tell you how bad it is and how bad Trump and his administration have been, that is your choice. All I was saying is that if you wish to buy into the fear mongering, you should hold up in your house until the threat has passed.

And by the way, Trump and his administration SHOULD do what they can to calm fears that affect the stock market and our economy. I'm not worried about getting sick from the virus, I'm more concerned with how it will affect the economy and our ability to obtain items we need to live day to day.
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