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Default Re: Sotomayor issues scathing dissent in Supreme Court order that could reshape legal

Racist Sotomayor has a two pronged objection to the SCOTUS majority opinion. At issue is the Trump administration's new rule setting objective requirements for determining "public charge" in applicants for legal resident status renewal. The rules establish a points system for welfare usage in the last 3 years before the renewal application. Too many points classifies the applicant as a public charge ineligible for status renewal. Sotomayor's second objection is to Republicans reacting to partisan Federal district judges imposing their political beliefs to block the Trump administration frequently with nationwide injunctions. Republicans have responded to the use of Federal district courts as a political weapon by appealing directly to the SCOTUS for injunctive relief instead of allowing the injunctions to stand unchallenged while pursuing appellate hearings.

Thanks to Ted Kennedy the legal immigration system has been "reformed" to favor poor, unskilled Latin American immigrants more likely to become welfare dependent public charges. Keep in mind the renewal period is 10 years while the points system only focuses on 3 years. Nonetheless Sotomayor backs immigration by Hispanics no matter if they become welfare dependent.
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