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Default Re: Bezos donates 10 Billion to Climate change

[QUOTE=mr wonder;984795]Bezos donates 10 Billion to Climate Change?

In other words Bezo buys the academic scientific communities and politicians cooperation in promoting BS propaganda and programs to control people activities. Stealing wealth and freedom from people. many trying to improve their lives and rise from poverty.

If Bezo was really serious about the environment there are several ways we could use the money to help in real terms.
•I suspect that it's take less than a billion to remove the island of Plastics floating in the Pacific. and set up processes to keep it reduced to nill.
•seems to me another 4 billion would go a long way in creating the so called solar grid in the southwest U.S. that many claim could provide power to much of the country.
• another 5 billion could go into a Manhattan type project/contest of alt energy. There are SEVERAL very real options proposed with partial working models already in play. Besides multiple solar and wind options (like solar paints) there's energy from sea water, fusion, thorium nuclear power, ocean waves, and geothermal to name a few.

dealing with the Oil and coal cartels and the fallout of the reduction in that work force would be the biggest economic and political hurdle.
But one side benefit of the reduction in oil use would be the collapse of the wealth of the Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran etc. cutting off the funds to terrorist orgs and extremist Muslims.
(as long as our own intel community doesn't decide that the terrorist are "useful" and keep them funded)

but hey, whatever,
So far this just looks like Bezo playing a game to benefit himself and his oligarchical crony's political power. Riding on the back of overblown fears of Climate Catastrophe and LIES about being able to change the worlds temperatures.[/QUOTE]

Political Correctness, is Fascism masquerading as manners - George Carlin.
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