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Default Re: Obama and Trump fight over economy

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Under Obama food stamp dependence grew to record levels as did disability. Obama's solution was to pervert work requirements to encourage even more people to become reliant on the welfare state.

Under Trump food stamp utilization and disability income participation have declined by millions. The economy is so good people would rather get a job than collect welfare, the opposite of the Obama economy.

Obama formed the President's council on Jobs made up of CEOS of major employers to maximize employment. They held several meetings at posh hotels to little effect on unemployment. Obama joked at one meeting that "shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready" to slaughter and applause. Let them eat cake, indeed.

Nearly 4 years after Obama's inauguration followed by the massive debt financed Stimulus boondoggle written by the radical Apollo group unemployment was identical to when Obama became President. During Obama's first term the only improvement over the day he took office was the month before the election, nothing suspicious there.
How soon we forget huh? I remember around 2012 a lady that works for me was contacted by an agency trying to get her to quit her job and go on disability because she had breast cancer 10 years earlier. She told them no, she was healthy and wanted to work. They called a few more times after that.
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