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Default Re: The Real Problem With America's Healthcare System

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
One big problem is the forms, rules, and administration...

The Average Hospital Administrator Salary is $86,789...That's more than most (if not all) of the nurses...

The work hours lost due to paperwork is mind-boggling, the only reason it's this way is due to government interference
I have given this personal example for years but, it examples exactly what you are claiming, and bears repeating.

Drom1990 to 2010, I was self insured. We had a catastrophic policy, but doctor visits and prescription meds were handled out of pocket. I always did and annual physical. The doctor told me that if he turned it in on insurance the bill was $1,800. If he billed me with an invoice to pay off overtime it was $1,200.

"What if I paid cash today?" I asked He quickly responded, "$660.00 because I don't have to pay someone to do all the paperwork. And, I don't have to wait 90 days for my money."

2012 I went on Medicare because Obama cancelled our catastrophic insurance. 6 months later Cathy had emergency surgery and I got a $30,000 bill. But my annual physical cost only a $45.00 Co-Pay. So, I shouldn't complain, right?

Here's another example. When I first went on ADVAIR in 1990, the monthly disk cost $59.00. Today, the over the counter cost at the pharmacy is now $690.00.

But thanks to Medicare, I have a co-pay of ,get this,$58.00 I save a whole dollar. This because as a mandated program, I the customer have no say in the overall pricing. There is no competition or accountability to force down costs and the final price because the Gubmit just agrees to pay for it.

Big Pharma and Big Insurance benefits. The Taxpayer pays big time.

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